Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the last days before the craziness begins

My team and I are back at Malenovice for American Team training before our first camp. June has flown by so fast, and I can't believe camps are going to begin already! The last week has been spent doing a work project, and then spending the last couple of days together in Stramberk on a team vacation.

The boys painting the garage

The work project was both fun and tiring. We went to Selah, which is Josiah Venture's retreat cabin for missionaries. The cabin is built, and they are working on furnishing the inside and finishing the deck. While our team was there, we got to help pick up the construction site, level off the ground under the deck, and paint the garage. It was a good time to work together as a team, and serve at the same time. It was also a good time to work out some things with our team before camps began. On a team that's been together for awhile, it's easy to take advantage of the time we have together rather than intentionally. Because the work project brought this out, we've been able to be intentional with each other and focus on truly loving one another like Christ loves us. The last few days after that has been amazing.

Autumn and Lynn leveling the dirt under the deck

The day after our team work project, we were able to go out to lunch with Katka, a Czech who is on staff with Josiah Venture. Her testimony is amazing, and it was so great to hear how her life as a missionary has been. She became a Christian at English Camp when she was about 15 years old, but her parents did not allow her to go to church or youth group until she was 18. She met with a Christian each week, and then went into ministry with JV. Her heart for Christ and for discipleship is incredible, and her story was so encouraging to hear.

Patrick, Katka, and Autumn at lunch

After lunch we got on a train and headed to Stramberk for a team vacation. We arrived on Saturday evening and left Monday morning. Stramberk is a small village with an interesting story. It's famous for a time when Christians were being persecuted by Turks who were invading the country. The Christians were hiding out in Stramberk from the Turks who would kill the Christians, then chop off their ears and send them back for proof to their leader that they were killing them. So the Christians prayed the night the Turks were in the valley, and they were saved because the dam came down and flooded the valley, killing all the Turks in the valley. So all over Stramberk were these "ears"... or cookies called ears, to go along with the story.

Lynn and I enjoying Stramberske Usi (Stramberk Ears) with
whipped cream, chocolate, and fruit sauce. SO GOOD!

During the team vacation we shared testimonies with each other and were able to hear what God has done in each other's lives to get to this point. It was a great time of encouraging and challenging each other, as well as going deeper.

The Stramberk Tower

Now we are at American team training. Our American team is just arriving now... so please be praying for unity among teams, a willingness to learn, and time of rest before camp. Thanks for your prayers and support.


  1. We miss you Sarah dear and we're praying for you here in Winona...Keep up the good work!
    Love you!

  2. I'm glad that you and your team are bonding well. Hope you've been able to enjoy your Kofola (sp?) too. I think about you often Roomie and pray for you. Take care! :)

  3. Keep on keeping on, Sarah. And that back issue could make you a prime target for management. That's where you can just stand around and tell others what to do.

  4. So thankful for the time you guys have had to bond. I feel like I'm part of your team even tho I'm not there. Praying for continued unity and intentionality while you move on to the next season of the summer-camp time. I know that this camp will be different since you will be w/Hradec but will not have the Ottawa team or Brad or Lucie. But I know it will be awesome! Love you so much my dear Bomper!!!

  5. Hey!! I'm so glad to hear that your back is better. I know this is exciting when camp starts and I also know that even though it's exciting, it's exhausting at the same time! I am so proud of the love you have for Czech Rep. and for all the work that you're doing there. I know that God has chosen you to be there and that you are an awesome servant.
    Love you so much and we'll continue to pray for you and for camp. Keep up your blogging, it's so fun to know what you're doing! Brings back memories of being there!