Friday, July 2, 2010

a week of camp awaits

"To be part of a movement of God among the youth of Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society."
"To equip young leaders throughout Eastern Europe to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church."

This is what Dave Patty, the founder of JV, heard when he was sitting with his feet in a lake, listening to God. I heard the JV story yet another time here at training, and it got me SO excited. JV started because Dave was listening to God. God gave him this vision! He wants to move here, and He IS moving here! Year after year hungry students get to experience the love of Christ and here the good news of the Gospel. Each year new leaders rise up, believers and nonbelievers make decisions to move closer to Christ. And this is not because of anything we do, it's because God wants to move. It's because God is changing hearts and revealing Himself. It's because of the grace He's given us in our personal lives. How exciting is this!

We are headed to camp today. American team training has gone great, and I already feel a deep unity between our intern team, the Czech team, and the American team from Arizona. We will be setting the camp up tonight and getting ready for the campers from Hradec Kralove to come tomorrow at 11am. The camp will last until next Saturday. PLEASE be praying. I covet your prayers. God hears our prayers, and wants to answer them.

Specific Prayer Requests:
- Safe travel for our teams today and for the campers tomorrow
- The campers hearts to be softened and ready to hear the Gospel
- The gospel to be proclaimed clearly and boldly
- The Holy Spirit to come to the camp and work through us
- For the believers (the intern, American, and Czech teams) to be obedient to the Spirit and to follow with reckless abandon
- For strength during camp as we won't get much sleep
- For English classes in the mornings
- For sports times and free-times in the afternoons
- For the evening programs where we will be sharing stories from the Bible about redemption
- For Thursday night when we share the Gospel
- That students would make a decision to move a step closer to Christ
- That my back would not be an issue (it hurts again)
- Team unity and love
- That the guys only and girls only seminars would go well (I'm speaking to the guys with another Czech girl, and I'm still not really sure what to say. It will also be a time of Q and A)
- That, above all things, God would be glorified

Thanks for your prayers and your support. I am excited to see God show up at this camp. Please pray boldly. We serve a mighty God.

Buh ti zehnej!

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  1. Ahoj!
    Prayed for you this morning. Thanks for the updates. May you continue to grow in Christ as he transforms you through this summer's experience in the Czech Republic.