Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ahoj Friends!
I am writing this on our last rest day in Vysoke Myto. The last week has been another good one. Thursday night we headed to Valašské Meziříčí, or Val Mez, so we could do school visits on Friday. Val Mez doesn't have an intern team this year, but they only have 7 students signed up for camp. They needed some Americans to come to the schools and promote the camps for them, and since our team had some time, we decided to help them out. Please pray that God would fill the camp up with people to experience Christ's love. We had a great time in the schools we went to, and they were our last school visits. I can't believe the summer is going by so fast!

After visiting Val Mez, our team headed to Vykirovice, a small town we are doing the second camp with. This was our last youth group visit. Friday and Saturday we hung out with some of the kids from the youth group, and Sunday we went to church. Saturday was a surprise for us. They took us to Vysoke Myto for a game based off the Matrix. This was a game we played in teams, that helped us bond together, as we ran away from agents in our quest to find Neo and the password. Each clue we received got us closer to our goal. The game was very interesting... the agents were in suits and looked pretty legit! It was a good time to get to know some of the Czechs on the train ride there, too.

Sunday morning was a special service, too, as it was a baptism service. Three young people were baptized, including a girl who became a believer during the first English Camp. It was special to see this commitment they were making, and be challenged myself to give my whole life to Christ.
Another one of my favorite parts of the trip was our host family. Lynn and I had the privilege of staying at the pastor's family's house while we were there. Both the pastor, Nik, and his wife, Anicka, spoke English very well, and it was amazing to hear their testimonies and to speak about what God has been doing in their lives. They have served this church for 11 years, and in about a month will be moving to serve a different church. Their love for Christ exuded out of them in a very visible way. I fell in love with them and their three children: Adrianna, Melinda, and Gabriel.

The most amazing thing about staying with them was every night after talking with them
Nik and Anicka, the four of us prayed together. It is amazing to have the same fellowship in the same God, the same unity in Christ, the same mind and spirit as people I've just met. God has been teaching me what the Body of Christ is with each person I meet. It's a great joy to be able to say goodbye to someone, knowing I'll be spending the rest of eternity with them.

We headed back to Vysoke Myto Sunday night for some rest time, and Monday
morning I had my last physical therapy session. My back is doing much better. Thanks for all your prayers. Please keep praying as it's not completely better, and I don't want it to get worse in the months to come. Today we spent the day on English lesson plans, and we are all almost done! As a reward, we went out to a team dinner, and finished it off with some chocolate fondue... as you can see by the picture, we were pretty excited. :) Tomorrow we head to Malenovice for a work project.

Please keep praying for...
-continued unity in our team
-continued camp preparations for our team and the American youth group teams
-students to sign up for camp in Val Mez, Havlickuv Brod, and Hradec Kralove
-our work project from Wednesday to Friday
-safety and health of our team
-my back
-Autumn's nephew as he continues to recover from his heart surgery

Thanks again for your prayers and support.
Buh ti zehnej.


  1. Sarah, it is so lovely reading about your summer adventures. I am so excited for all that is taking place! I can't wait to talk to you after the summer and just hear about everything :) I'm praying for you! Love ya!

  2. loved seeing you show some Alpha spirit in the Czech ;)
    im glad that your back is starting to feel better! just don't play Buck Buck while you're there :)