Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Amazing Race and Intern Training

Josh and i waiting for the interns to arrive!! :)

The team Pre-amazing Race: Brad and Josh in the back, Brianne, Annie, and me in the front


The Amazing Race was a difficult but fun three days that bonded us together as a team and helped us get to know each other. Throughout the race we were able to bond together, figure out how we work together, and support each other. We spent Wednesday and Thursday doing tasks all around Prague, and took an overnight train to Cesky Tesin where we did tasks during Friday morning. Friday afternoon we arrived to our final destination and came in tying with another team for 9th and 10th place (out of 17).

Climbing the stairs to find a task at the Stalin Monument

Getting another task from Autumn at a Road Block on the Race

Friday night through Wednesday we had a great time of training with all the intern teams who are going all over eastern europe. During that time we were taught how to teach English, how to lead small groups, about personality types, about how to serve well on a team, about spiritual gifts, about Czech culture, and so much more. During the evenings we were led in worship, heard testimonies, and taught by Dave Patty, the president of Josiah Venture, on Ephesians. Ephesians was the perfect book to go through before the summer as it talks about who we are in Christ, where we are in Christ, and how we can be together in Christ. We ended with the Czech interns going to a bbq on Wednesday and then leaving on Thursday. It was a fantastic time of preparation together before the summer of ministry started.

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