Monday, May 30, 2011

Me, Martina, and Jess (l-r) The awesome
girls I've been rooming with this week!

Sushi at the leadership retreat.
Tasty food, great fellowship!

Ahoj friends!

Tomorrow we are traveling for Prague to meet our interns at the airport on Wednesday morning. They will all fly out sometime tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels for them and their final day at home with all they need to do... finishing packing, goodbyes to friends and family, etc. Please pray for their families, too, as they are leaving their families for the summer.

When everyone arrives on Wednesday we will begin the Amazing Race. The Amazing Race will last from Wednesday to Friday and is much like the television show. The tasks we do and the places we have to figure out to go are meant to bond us together as a team, as it shows us our strengths and weaknesses and how we work together, develops trust, forces us to learn how to work together well, and to get to know each other. Because these three days are high in stress and pushes us to our limits (especially the interns who will be jet-lagged), we get to know each other at our best and probably worst moments. In my last two years of being an intern, this time has been incredibly helpful and crucial for bonding us together. PLEASE pray that the Amazing Race would do just that this year, that we would have good attitudes even through frustrations, that we would be unified, and that we would get to know each other well before the summer. I'm excited for our team (Josh, Brad, Annie, Brianne, and myself) to all be together and to meet each other!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers. I know the Lord hears them and I am incredibly grateful for each and every one.
Buh ti zehnej (God bless you)
Sarah Halm

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