Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello from Training!

Ahoj friends!!

Just a quick update! I landed in Vienna on Wednesday, where I met my team and we began the Amazing Race. The Amazing Race was great for getting to know my team members and learning how to work well together. We ended the race at training on Friday, and my team came in 2nd place!! During the race we went to Vienna, Bratislava, and Brno. Now we are at training, learning how to teach English, how to lead small groups, cultural differences, and worshiping and doing devotions. Please keep praying for my team and I, for team unity, for a focus on God and an ear to hear the Holy Spirit, as well as the students we will be seeing in the next few weeks. Thanks for your support!
Nate talking during training
Worship During Training

Patrick and Josh working on a challenge during the Amazing Race
My Intern Team!! (Front to back: Connor, Auntumn, Me, Lynn, Patrick, Josh)
Vienna At Dusk

The Girls on my team! During the Amazing Race (Left to Right: Me, Lynn, Autumn)

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  1. Hey you, it's so rad that God's doing amazing things in your life already! I'm so glad you're where your heart is, and that you're already having a blast. I love you kid! And I miss you! So proud of you!